Meet The Titleholder – Miss New Mexico USA

 Alejandra Gonzalez 

Miss New Mexico USA 2019

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Alejandra Gonzalez is a first generation American. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and is relatively tall standing at 5’9”. Her parents immigrated legally to the United States to pursue their American dream from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Growing up in a household that prioritized education, she surpassed expectations and obtained her master’s degree in accounting. Alejandra currently owns her own business.

Being a proud numbers geek, she shares her passion of education by teaching students about the importance of financial literacy. In addition to numbers, Alejandra uses her love for animals to advocate for all animal causes.

During her spare time, Alejandra loves to cuddle up in a blanket and read business books, grab her tennis shoes and play outside with her six dogs, or simply just relax by watching a movie marathon! Through her challenges in life, she has realized that sometimes things do not always work out as they are planned. Rather, if you are open and willing to walk down a path different than from what you originally expected, sometimes that path leads you right to where you should be.